Back Home You can call me Nox, or Noxernia. I'm a digital artist and general creative hobbyist who experiments in various mediums. My primary focus is illustration, but I am also dabbling in clay and 3D modeling as well as traditional media painting. (Primarily acrylic, watercolors and guache) I also kind of play with web design, but I'm far from professional level and frankly most modern web design bores me out of my skull. I'm an oldie who misses creative and inspired anime layouts and the weird, random chaos of the old web.

I like cats, pet and virtual avatar websites (I'll have my Subeta pets and other information listed on here once the site is further along!) and my primary inspiration for wanting to learn how to code back in the day, along with some other users from neopets who wove together impressive layouts for their user lookups and guild webbies. Sadly, that website has been gone since around 2007-2008, but you can still view it on the wayback machine over here. (You will most likely see a shrine dedicated to this as well later.)

I also really enjoy simulation games! Sims, Harvest Moon/Story of Sesons, Stardew Valley, Cities Skylines... Although when it comes to playing with my friends, I'll typically choose violence. :P Left 4 dead 2, among us, jackbox, boardgames, and occasionally things like splitgate, eternal return, fistful of frags... And more. I'm also a fan of the zelda series!

Aside from that, you can find me @ Twitter + Tumblr + Instagram + Deviantart